Digital Integrated Circuits (seminar)

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Starting from the notions presented in the course, the Integrated Digital Circuit introduces the notion of hardware description language (HDL) and aims to familiarize the student with Verilog language, as well as digital circuits synthesis and simulation (QuartusII or ModelSim) .

  • DIC Seminar 1 - Introduction to Verilog (variables, blocks, test modules, functional modules and instantiation)
  • DIC Seminar 2 - Conditioned instructions, using the 'always' instruction to define combinational circuits
  • DIC Seminar 3 - Sequential circuits (clock signal, always and initial vs. assign
  • DIC Seminar 4 - Numerals and counting circuits
  • DIC Seminar 5 - Description of memories in Verilog
  • DIC Seminar 6 - Finite automata

You can dowload the programs used on the Altera website: